As an all-girls team, drive is something we do not lack. In every aspect of our job scope, we like to exhibit a raw sense of our brand’s personality and the limitless future that we can look forward to. Being intrigued by the endless possibilities, we aim to fill every corner of a women’s heart through our hard work one day. From evening gowns to occasion wear, we are here for you. With Mizphenix, look ahead to the many unique dresses that you can enjoy.

With uniquely designed gowns that presents an elegant bodice, we aim to inject everyone with a generosity of styles and carry it with elegance till the very end. Our interpretation of fashion is voiced through a variety of concepts, audaciously but with ease. Detailed embellishments add a bold statement to our evening gowns, fit for various occasions.

Made in-house and based in Singapore, each evening gown incorporates textiles outsourced from around the world. Designed to be unique yet enduring, subtle yet distinct. We seek to capture a feminine allure and individuality through our evening gowns. Our thought-out designs presents beauty in many forms, gracing every occasion with sophistication.